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Italian Best Curved Furniture e-commerce, ArosioMilano by Midarte

by Arosio Milano |

Change, avant-garde and trends are the three key words in the world of Design, a sector that always turns its gaze towards new and sometimes unexplored horizons.

In an artistic panorama such as that of Design, aimed at innovation and the constant search for new technologies, Midarte represents a certainty: its modern and/or contemporary style makes the brand timeless.

Traditionalism does not represent an absence of evolution, but branches out the roots of a well-declared personality. In the continuous search for innovation and freshness, Midarte navigates in the study of techniques for image modernization and renewal.

Like a house in need of renovation, the brand changes and renews its image through a brand new logo and a completely new website dedicated to "online shopping", retaining that sense of recognizability and security but with a new breath of fresh air.

Midarte prezzi

This is how ArosioMilano was born, the e-commerce of Midarte - a "benchmark" of Italian-made furniture created ad hoc for every need - in order to make it more accessible and simpler for the whole world to search for, and therefore choose from, a wide range of furniture with a visibly artistic character and designed by expert eyes.

What is proposed for our designs are the concepts of timeless aesthetics, function and design.

Among the gems of our crown of products stand out the CLOCKS.

Not only decorative elements to embellish the environment, but real timepieces fascinating and elaborate, which fit perfectly with any style: from classic to modern, from minimal to opulent.

Using natural woods, stained and with a clear lacquer finish, they boast luxury, complementing it with the functionality that comes with quartz mechanisms.

So appreciated in the world of interior Design for their inlays in beech, Canaletto walnut, oak and briar wood, they are available on luxury portals such as the ArosioMilano website itself.

The brand does not limit itself only to clocks, but provides different products to fill the interests of a much wider audience: sculpture bookcases, luxury sideboards, TV stands, dining tables and coffee tables, so every type of furniture.

black and white luxury curved cabinet for living room

Searching online for "luxury furniture" you are sure to come across the products of ArosioMilano and Midarte, among a pile of different items.

But what is the difference really?

What makes this brand unique?

In an agglomeration of linear and strongly minimalist or baroque furnishings - whose opulence of materials, curls and gilding - Midarte stands out for its elegant style, high level and adaptable to any environment.

That extra touch is given by the curved lines and the peculiarity of a company that follows the entire production of the furniture elements: from design to production, which is carried out in the factory of the company itself.

Real luxury. is the Marketplace for those who want to distinguish themselves, an assured reference for luxury curved furniture around the world.