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This is where our exclusive creations are handcrafted, near Monza’s F1 circuit - ITALY

Releasing the highest creativity, shaping the project, mixing the best Italian craftsmanship with a contemporary vision of the international design. A synergic exchange, a firm experimentation boost into wood moulding – luxury version – a need to investigate new expressive possibilities, useless without the knowledge of tradition. On this basis, Arosio Milano was founded as a spin-off of the Milanese historic company MIDARTE (Visit, a family-run business that has made its distinctive feature from the use of wood and the transformation of spaces through curves. The choice to launch the new brand was also driven by the intense desire to celebrate the production of the 1000th piece.

 Arosio Milano Atelier - Wall Wood Clock

Although more characterized by the research of design pieces, Arosio Milano keeps a solid bond with its mother company in terms of knowledge and developed activities, in addition to further similarities with sector and technology used. Arosio Milano clearly identifies a path headed towards the balance between shape and function, the preciousness of woods, the exclusivity of the design and the artisanal production. At Atelier Arosio Milano, heart and hands are intertwined. Here, the verb to carve is elevated to the rank of luxury craftsmanship. Safe keeper of ancient traditions, handed down from father to son, the Atelier currently occupies a front-rank place on the MADE IN ITALY scene. Each creation, every single piece, made by expert craftsmen, comes alive under the vigilant eye of the Arosio family.