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Gianni Arosio's sculpture clocks: the birth of an Icon of Italian Design

by Arosio Milano |

In the 80's Gianni Arosio, Artist and Designer, in the middle of his artistic career, wanted to create something innovative and extremely elegant to decorate the walls of homes and not. Thinking about something precious, handmade, that could last over time, give a magical "forever" that never gets boring. 

The main idea was to make wooden sculptures to embellish a wall. During the flow of thought he realized that the idealized size and shape lent themselves to the addition of a mechanism that would transform a work of art into a design element with a component of utility. 

Gianni Arosio Italian designer and artist

Not only decorative, but also functional. 

From this very foresight, Gianni Arosio's best luxury wall clocks were born, icons of Italian Design and wonderful timepiece sculptures. 

Originally they were all unique collector's pieces that the artist displayed in his atelier, in personal exhibitions, or gave as gifts to friends and important clients. Visitors, fascinated by these large inlaid wood wall sculpture clocks, began to ask to buy them, but the artist was busy with other projects and the idea of creating a collection, under the name SAMADA, to homage his sons SArah, MArco and DAvide, remained in the drawer for years. It was only at the beginning of the 2000s that the sons picked up the baton and developed their father's project, launching on the market the collection revisited with the most trendy tastes.

The intrinsic value, aesthetic, artistic and craftsmanship of the wall clocks of the Arosio family artist, is all enclosed in the dial and carved structure. The outer surface, finely inlaid by hand with abstract and geometric motifs, expertly combines stripes, squares and circles of different fine woods including: Canaletto walnut, Italian walnut, maple, beech, wenge, elm burl, walnut burl, grey oak, modernized bleached oak, black zebrano wood, plus special woods dyed in absolute black, some just 1 millimeter in size, artfully inserted to create the right contrast between the various woods, balancing the overall colors and recalling, in some models, the black of the outer frame, the hands and the pendulum. 

orologi da parete - scultura da parete - wall sculpture clock - Gianni Arosio - best Italian design - best Italian brand

The sculptural effect, three-dimensional and aerial, particularly visible when looking at the large clocks from below or from the side, is obtained by carving and hollowing the dial from solid wood, like any wood sculpture. The clocks themselves are then finished with a matte or glossy-effect varnish and, in some models, the clocks are hand-decorated with a gold or silver leaf frame. 

The complex manufacturing process, jealously guarded in the ArosioMilano’s atelier, is the result of countless artisanal and artistic techniques, many of which were invented personally by the artist, expertly blended together and are the result of the know-how and flair of Italian artist and designer Gianni Arosio. 

The metal plate set into the dial certifies the originality. In conclusion, the collection of iconic sculpture watches of ArosioMilano are exclusive wall sculptures and precious objects of interior decoration that, in addition, also show the time.

The SAMADA collection is by far the most versatile and iconic of the timepieces and perfectly represents the stylistic and creative philosophy of ArosioMilano and the Arosio Family: to stand out clearly from the crowd and improve with time. 

orologio da parete d'oro - gold wall clock - wall clock luxury - handmade wall clock - made in Italy

SAMADA does not follow any fashion, so it is always in fashion. It imprints a decisive character and the clocks can be placed in any interior, whatever the architectural style of the house or office in which it is to be displayed, facilitating combinations with other elements of decoration.

Particularly recommended as a precious gift idea, certain that they will be appreciated for their fine craftsmanship, will be shown with pride and, regardless of who will receive them and where they will decide to hang them, they will be preserved and handed down from generation to generation because you will hardly want to part with these exclusive Italian artifacts.

Art, aesthetics and function enclosed in a unique piece of Design that stand out among the products offered in today's market.