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COBRA Acciaio Bookcase Sculpture - Arosio Milano - Which ikea bookcase is best
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COBRA Acciaio Bookcase Sculpture - Arosio Milano
COBRA Acciaio Bookcase Sculpture - Arosio Milano
COBRA Acciaio Bookcase Sculpture - Arosio Milano
COBRA Acciaio Bookcase Sculpture - Arosio Milano
COBRA Acciaio Bookcase Sculpture - Arosio Milano

Arosio Milano

COBRA Acciaio Bookcase Sculpture


COBRA ACCIAIO Bookcase Sculpture

This piece of great charm, high-quality artisan production and refined design stands out for various features.

The element encapsulating its artistic value and immediately distinguishing it is the central "Cobra", a real sculpture made and decorated entirely by hand by combining different sculptural and decorative techniques, many of which were personally conceived by the artist. The sculptor pasted and overlapped several layers of wood, sculpted them to give them a shape, then covered them using a technique called "molten metal", after which they were finely sanded and polished to accentuate their reflectiveness. The intrinsic value of each "Cobra" sculpture is its uniqueness which, like all works of art, can be replicated but will never be identical. The sculpture takes its name from the steel-like effect (acciaio means steel in English).

The back of the bookshelf has a soft barrel shape and is covered with oak wood segments arranged to create a "sunbeam" effect that is brushed to accentuate the veining and create a textured effect that contrasts the shine of the central Cobra, all combined with a slight bleaching and natural "rough effect" finish. The centrality of the inlay exudes dynamism. The edges of the back are slightly detached from the wall to give it an aerial, floating effect.

The shaped shelves all differ in shape, size or workmanship. Each one has an asymmetrical profile and is set by the vertical "Cobra", misaligned relative to the centre of the bookshelf's back section in order to balance the edges and curves, fullness and voids and to rebalance the overall volume. The shelves are painted in an anthracite shade with an ultra-opaque satin effect in order to strongly stand out from the back section and draw the Cobra out.

The scenic effect is completed by the insertion of LED luminaires, cleverly hidden thanks to their insertion in both the central sculpture and laterally sunken into the back to emphasise the floating effect.

Cobra Acciaio enriches and adds a strong character to the environments where it is inserted both as a single decorative element to enrich a wall, or combined with other modern and extemporaneous elements.

The Cobra Acciaio bookcase sculpture is one of the utmost expressions of the concept of applied art by the artist and designer Gianni Arosio: “When conceiving a product, it must be beautiful, functional and immediately useful, but it must also maintain these characteristics and improve over time".



Width: 196 cm - 77" (inch)

Height: 225 cm - 89" (inch)

Depth: 47 cm - 19" (inch)

Shipped within 4 weeks