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IPERBOLE Fumo di Londra Design Bookshelf by Midarte - ArosioMilano by Midarte
Black Rounded bookcase
Black oval modern bookcase
libreria rotonda moderna bianca e nera
design curvato e moderno midarte
libreria iperbole prodotto dell'anno 2021
libreria ovale, black oval bookshelf, white curved shelves
IPERBOLE Fumo di Londra Design Bookshelf by Midarte - ArosioMilano by Midarte
IPERBOLE Fumo di Londra

ArosioMilano by MIDARTE

IPERBOLE Fumo di Londra


Wall bookcase with an innovative Design, with rounded and soft shapes, conceived as an idea to decorate and enrich your wall in an original way. The original design makes it versatile, it is an alternative proposal to a picture or a mirror but with the functionality of an object holder. It is made with an elliptical back panel, emptied and worked to create a “floating” effect and 3 interlocking shelves with an asymmetrical shape.

Technical details:

Back panel in matt lacquered mdf in dark gray “London smoke” and shelves in sturdy technical HPL material in cool white color. The generous but not excessive dimensions make it clearly visible and allow installation in any room of the house or office. It is self-supporting, very easy to assemble, it is only necessary to hang it on the wall with 2 hooks, like a picture.

You can hang it upside down to make it left or right.


MADE IN ITALY - Designed by Marco Andrea Arosio

Dimensions (H x W x D): 117cm x 170cm x 27cm - 46" x 67" x 11" (inch)

Net weight: 29 kg.

Shipped within 6 weeks