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Gianni Arosio

Insightful sculptor, designer and founder of Midarte, passionate woodworker, Gianni flexibly designs for the big and middle industry, as well as for the craftsmanship, products, productions, displays and distribution. Meticulous researcher, he often personally makes the prototypes of the single piece or the collections he designs. His furniture pieces might be considered both as home elements and therefore as design project, and as autonomous performances where the fantasy of the artist only obeys to the laws of his internal force.



Blessed among men, or better among dad and brothers, Sarah represents wisdom, both for her personal talent and inevitable internal adaptation. Hers is the crucial vote, she shifts the needle of the scale and, as Athena, goddess of war and wisdom, she embodies strength and firmness associated to common sense and balance. After her studies in graphic design and a fleeting desire for a master in art history, Sarah decides to make her humanistic, relational and communicative abilities available to the family company. She would love to be more involved in the real production phase, but she dedicates with understanding and care to the administration both of Midarte and Arosio Milano, and to the quest of beauty.  



In a comprehensive and transversal way, he is considered the “rebellious”. Curious, practical, tireless, spontaneous, Davide “sticks his nose” in the company, helping his father, at the age of 15. He starts training in carpentry, where he acquires the techniques and the tricks of wood working and where he observes and hence participates to the craft’s evolution, the disappearance of the carpenter’s boy and the arrival of the programmer. Davide listens, plans and designs spaces, delivering solutions for any good or bad demand. He carefully oversees every bureaucratic aspect and any company compliance. He moves cautiously, but looks ahead.



Born in ’82, the youngest son, Marco joins the company during his economy studies, which he still considers wrong. He learns everything from his father, who took him as a child to fairs and working events and who pushed him, since the beginning, to be independent and to autonomously interact with clients. Ever since, in the atelier Marco is considered the trendiest one, focused on fashions and current trends. Creative, observer, sometimes centralizing, he never creates from scratch, but rather works with what is there, almost always achieving a delicate balance. He profoundly cares about the common interest and well-being of the company and holds the almost complete belief that design must be globalized, with an international perspective. He expects a lot from Arosio Milano, he has thousands of ideas and thoughts but, as a smart entrepreneur, he unfolds none of his secrets.